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Doctor Web supplies its anti-virus products to end users through its partners.

Find out where you can buy Dr.Web for personal or corporate use.

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10 reasons to become a Doctor Web partner

  1. Several thousand companies from 93 countries are already cooperating with Doctor Web. Thanks to them, licenses for one of the first anti-viruses in the world are available to hundreds of millions of users.
  2. The diversity of the Dr.Web product line and the opportunity to sell products in the form of traditional e-licenses and boxed products, as well as in the form of a monthly subscription to the Dr.Web Anti-virus service, allow our partners to meet the requirements of a wide range of customers in different industries and niches.
  3. We actively educate our customers and prospective Dr.Web users, training them to be committed and competent users of our anti-viruses—this makes selling much easier for partners.
  4. Technical support for the software you will sell is carried out in several European languages, as well as in Chinese and Japanese. In addition the time during which it is provided is tied to the respective time zones. This is possible thanks to the local offices in which the support staff works.
  5. When dealing with demanding major customers, our partners have the opportunity to order pre-sale support vendor services.
  1. The principles and rules for working with partners are described in the Doctor Web affiliate programme. Partner interactions are conducted via the Partner Portal which has an extensive infrastructure of online services and a powerful knowledge base for self-support. Partner support on any issue is provided according to the "single window" principle.
  2. Partners are provided with 24-hour access to the Order Master used to generate Dr.Web licenses.
  3. So that they can train themselves in Dr.Web licensing basics, sales and administration, partners are offered a variety of free study materials and an online examination system that provides great opportunities for self-development and the accumulation of knowledge about Dr.Web anti-viruses. 

  4. Partners can take advantage of a special renewal protection program.
  5. Partners are provided with Dr.Web licenses (free of charge or at a discount of up to 70% off) to protect their own information resources.

To start cooperating with us, we invite you to complete the application and become a Doctor Web partner.

Select terms of cooperation appropriate to your company's area of specialisation and familiarise yourself with the terms of the affiliate programme.

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