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Terms of cooperation for service providers

Today many service providers are offering their customers an anti-virus on a monthly subscription basis—and that’s no accident. This allows them to:

  • expand their service portfolio by including the most popular managed IT service — an anti-virus as a service — and in doing so, attract new customers and also increase revenues derived from existing customers;
  • offer their customers a wide range of new anti-virus security services.
  • enhance their reputation by serving as a supplier of the Dr.Web anti-virus, a reliable solution with a history of success spanning almost 30 years.

For already 10 years Doctor Web's partners have been supplying the Dr.Web anti-virus as a service on the Russian and international markets.

We welcome collaboration from

  • Software suppliers
  • IT service suppliers
  • Hosting providers
  • Service integrators
  • Cloud service providers (Cloud as a service)
  • Managed service providers (MSP)

  • Banks and credit organisations
  • Payment systems, online banking systems

  • ISPs

  • Cellular service providers

  • Social media entities

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How the Dr.Web Anti-virus service is delivered


Doctor Web

  • Develops Dr.Web AV-Desk which is used to deliver the service.
  • Provides updates for program modules and virus databases.
  • Supports Suppliers on Dr.Web AV-Desk operational issues; Resellers — on Subscription Control Center (SCC) operational issues; and customers—on Dr.Web anti-virus agent software operational issues.


Distributors and Aggregators

  • Install Dr.Web AV-Desk on their servers** and ensure its uninterrupted operation.
  • Create a network of service Resellers who sell subscriptions to customers.
  • Grant Resellers access to the SCC.


Partners of suppliers

  • Sell subscriptions to end users.
  • Manage subscriptions via the SCC.
  • Render customers advisory services on subscription management and service payment issues.

* When the service is delivered via ISPs the supplier link is absent.

** In exceptional cases, it is possible to deliver the service from Doctor Web’s servers, but this reduces the supplier's discount.

Dr.Web Anti-virus service delivery benefits

The solution is ready for deployment. Sales can be launched with a minimal investment of time. Resellers do not need to invest in infrastructure. Suppliers with large numbers of customers may need to purchase a server.

A self-managed service

Customers control the licensing policy in the service subscriber personal account area— just find a customer and subscribe them to the service.

About the Subscription Control Center

For any customer

Dr.Web supports a wide range of OSs, allowing customers of any size to obtain high-quality protection for their PCs, Macs, servers, and mobile devices.

About Dr.Web agent capabilities

Centrally managed protection with infinite possibilities — with minimal effort, tens of thousands of remote customers in any part of the world can be protected.

About protection management capabilities

Cooperation requirements

Terms Resellers Suppliers
Must issue sublicenses for subscription to the Dr.Web Anti-virus service To end users only Only via resellers
Must have service capabilities sufficient to deploy Dr.Web AV-Desk +/-
Must have own billing system or SCC + Otherwise — the built-in billing system is used
Must have a first line of technical support For customers For resellers
Engineers must be certified + only if you wish to render technical support to your customers +

Certification opportunities for a service provider’s support engineers

If they have employees who possess the necessary competence, resellers can render their customers technical support on Dr.Web software operational issues if they wish to do so. Customer requests can be dealt with using the SCC. Engineers possessing valid Doctor Web certificates that have been acquired through self-training can access such requests. Certification is free for Doctor Web's partners.